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Rebecca Khoo and Evgueni Borounov were the Silver Medalists at the "Australian National Championships of 2000" and Gold Medalists in 2001 for ice dance. After being matched by coaches, Andrei and Maria Fillipov, in the summer of 1999, Rebecca, 14, and Evgueni, 20, earned success early, winning gold medals in their first two competitions together. After winning the club and state titles they progressed to the nationals where they were currently tied with another couple for the first position after the complusaries, they swept the floor with an amazing original dance, however, they placed second. These senior level skaters would have been off to their first grand prix event however, due to certain skater's regulations, they did not qualify and the couple were asked to step down off the podium as they were not eligible to hold the title. The pair set off as guests of Australia and won the "New Zealand National" and "Waltzing Trophy" title. This was considered their first international competition. The following year the couple were gold medallists at the club and state championships and won convincingly at the Nationals. Evgueni married another ice dancer and is now skating with her. The couple split without the chance of proving themselves at an international level.

Matthew Lee, of Australia, was the reason Rebecca began ice dance. In 1995 Monica Macdonald partnered Rebecca with Matthew after the completion of her primary dance test. The couple competed in Primary Dance and won the State Championships followed by winning the National title. The pair was the youngest in their division. In 1997, Rebecca and Matthew changed coaches to Svetlana Liapina, a former Russian champion herself, who took the couple in, and raised their standards to the junior international level within one year. The pair came 4th at the State Championships and 2nd at Nationals. Due to Rebecca's age (being only 12) the couple were too young for international competition. The rules had been changed during that year and the minimum age for junior was 13. At the end of the season, Svetlana took Rebecca and Matthew to train in Russia for 2 months. Here they developed a new freedance and original. In 1998 the two won the State and National Championships which entitled them to go to the Junior Worlds (Zagreb, Croatia) and two Grand Prix events(Germany and Hungry). NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport) accepted the pair into their elite training program which entitled them to the benefits of an elite sportsman such as sponsorship. Here Matthew and Rebecca did shows, exhibitions and advertisements. A week before the departure of one of the international competitions, Matthew developed juvenile arthritis and was unable to compete. The Australian association believed it best to cancel the rest of the international trips in the best interests for Matthew. Matthew gave up the following year and Rebecca continued her search for a new ice dance partner until Evgueni become avaiable.

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